Some useful tips that will help you stand out from the first sentence in your essay

The first sentence of the essay is usually referred to as magnet. This is termed so because it is the first sentence that tends to draw people to reading the remaining of the essay. Having a good opening will make sure that the reader is engrossed until he completes reading the entire essay. The first few lines will decide the success of your essay and the grades that will be awarded to it.

The use of straightforward language is extremely important. You should be able to use attractive language, yet make the sentence very simple. Using long sentences will not be helpful. Have a systematic approach to your essay. Do not jumble topics. You should have a layout for your essay before you begin writing. Note down key points and then start writing. Begin with words that will approach to the reader. You must know your target audience well and their mind frame along with the expectations with what they will be reading your essay.

Using simple sentences has another major advantage. Your chances of making mistakes is also slightly lesser. You will be able to focus on small ideas and break it down accordingly. Avoid merging two points into one sentence. This will deviate the idea of the sentence. Every sentence should have a unique identity. You can break down the topic into different paragraphs, but make sure that you do not sway away from the main topic. Every sentence that you write should be related to the topic.

The first few lines will decide how much time and with what interest the reader will go through your essay paper. If your opening sentences are passive, then the reader will find your topic boring and will go through the rest of the essay very quickly. There may be key points later in the description, but this may be overlooked. If you have any issues with framing an essay, then you must ask for help from an essay writing expert. An essay writer will have the proficiency to write essays on various topics. So he will be able to guide you well and make sure that your essay is well written. Any errors and mistakes will also be taken care of and rectified.